martedì 1 aprile 2014

London: Day 2!

Hi everyone! The second day in London was like a "tour de force"!
London is a fantastic city with a lot of monument to visit and if you don't have too much days it's very difficult to see them!
We've seen a lot of places, but lots are still missing... :(
That means that I have to come back another time! ;)

martedì 25 marzo 2014

London: Day 1!

Hi everyone! 
If you follow me on instgram you already know that next month I went to London with my boyfriend!
It's an amazing city!
We are thinking of moving there in autumn.
I stay there 5 days, 2 of them only travel :(

venerdì 17 gennaio 2014

Christmas Gifts + Sale Shopping!

Hi everyone! here I am again after a long time! 
In this post I will show you the Christmas gifts (a little late) and everything I've bought with the sales! 
Hope you like it!


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